What we do?

Using a pen and paper to write and communicate dates right back to the time of early civilisations, when pens were used to record possessions and important events. Time and innovation has changed pen and paper technology, and in 2007 it evolved into the Xcallibre Mobility Solution. This ground breaking technology continues to process millions of digital forms, saving organisations millions.

As the Industry leader, we are constantly innovating and refuse to remain stagnant and asked ourselves:

  • How can we help people reap the benefits of rapid data capture and scale up faster?
  • How can we enable them to capture data in more flexible, innovative ways?

After much development, research and listening to our customers – our team created X-Station!!

What is X-Station?

X-Station is a total “in-the-box” solution from Xcallibre, that allows you to fully utilize the benefits of the digital pen and paper technology. It is an enterprise solution that’s based on the latest programming technologies and methodologies. It has been tried and tested under many different organizational structures (e.g. governmental departments, insurance agencies, ISPs, schools, etc).

As an organisation, you may want to use digital pens, or prefer tablets or smartphones to suit your environment and application. You may even opt for a combination of different devices. Whatever you decide is right for your organisation (and we’ll be happy to advise), X-Station gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose.

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At the heart of what we offer, is the digital pen and paper technology using Anoto Functionality™ – a simple but sophisticated process that enables users to write out digitised forms, transmit them electronically to our Xcallibre secure servers (X-Station), and then have them sent to their own computer system.

The Xcallibre technology brings together digital communication and handwriting, and puts the power of digital communication into the pen and paper or tablet devices. The Digital Pen, using Anoto Functionality, functions like any normal pen but enables the user to send, by an internet PC connection or GPRS from a mobile phone, anything they write or draw.

The pen houses a sophisticated array of technology that includes an infrared camera, an image processor and a wireless Bluetooth transceiver.

All these components work together with the Anoto pattern, a series of nearly invisible dots printed on paper or forms. All types of ordinary paper can be used. To make the paper digitally legible, a patent-protected dot pattern from Anoto is added before printout.

By using a digital pen, the user captures or writes on his/her form as normal. The pen then captures the users writing and via Bluetooth, transmits and routes the message to his/her mobile.

The mobile phone or PC Router then transmits this coded data via GPRS to your Back Office and converts the data into a specified file format.

The data is then integrated to your business systems. This process can also be used for tablet devices.