CCL – Triton Express

Background Information

CCL, a subsidiary of Triton specialising in Express Delivery


To confirm proof of delivery and critical data of full truck loads on milk runs to and from the company’s branch network.


A unique Drivers Trip Sheet Digital Form was created by Xcallibre where the driver would simply complete the form, using a digital pen and then submit the duly completed form.

CCL would instantly receive the image of the form with the pertinent information in excel for verification, including kms travelled; seal number verification, departure times and fuel usage. Staff at CCL immediately verify the data and then accept the excel spreadsheet into their system. The data is automatically updated and the confirmation sent to pay role, fuel, billing departments.


The live data is unique selling proposition that differentiates their service offering from their opposition and has automated the entire process by using digital pen and paper solutions. In addition, it provides accurate data and full driver monitoring, all within seconds to the admin staff. Another great benefit is that there was drastic change to the driver’s method in recording this info as all the magic takes place when the driver simply ticks send on the trip sheet.