eValuations (Pty) Ltd, Durban, South Africa, Port Elizabeth and Ekhuruleni, South Africa

Background Information   

eValuations Pty Ltd. was awarded the contract for doing the market valuation for around half a million properties in eThekwini Municipality, 400 000 properties in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and 600 000 properties in Ekhuruleni Municipality. eValuations provides enhanced appraisal solutions to public and private sectors. eValuations planned to use around 250 data capturers for this exercise. With such volume of data gathering, it was felt that manual capture of property valuation data into a central computer system will be both inefficient and non-productive.


The data gathering of property information required quick turn around time in data collection, minimal manual data entry to reduce finger errors and a simple solution with minimal training required to end users.


Xcallibre’s Digital Pen & Paper solution provided a way for eValuations to streamline the data collection process for the valuation of over a million properties and automate the data collection process and enhance its information workflow and staff productivity. By filling a form and automatically transmitting these to a central office computer just by ticking a Box, Digital Pen and Paper would save them valuable time and money.

Xcallibre assessed what information needs to be collected for each property and designed a form with a series of tick boxes, place for sketching and critical fields embedded into the form that will work well with a Digital Pen solution. With this easy to use tool, the ability to meet property valuation requirements by valuers was vastly improved through the assembly of a complete information package of each property, which also includes photographs and sketches. This information is then uploaded immediately via Bluetooth and GPRS technology to a central computer where there are stored. The solution also allows for real-time SMS notification to the data collector if there are any discrepancies and allows correcting and re-submitting the data. The solution also allows to send the GPS location of the property where data was collected by integrating with a GPS device as well as photos of the properties.

By building an application onto each mobile phone, the data from the pen is forwarded to the form application server, where the data is validated against the validation rules and then stored in central database.

A web based Form utility and workflow application was developed which allowed updation and approval of gathered data. This utility allows data verification staff to verify the collected data and make changes if necessary.


  • Quick turnaround time in data collection
  • Minimal data entry to reduce finger errors
  • Simple solution