Xcallibre has implemented its digital pen forms processing solution for Fuelogic, a bulk fuel transporter based in South Africa. The digital pen solution has been implemented initially for Totalgaz, a Fuelogic customer on the Totalgaz proof of delivery (POD) and product upliftment forms.

Fuelogic drivers have been issued with digital pens and mobile phones which allow them to complete a Totalgaz product upliftment and delivery forms, including capturing theirs, despatch controllers and/or the customers signatures.

This information once submitted from the pen to the mobile phone via Bluetooth is transferred within seconds via the GSM network as a successful POD/Product upliftment image to both Fuelogic and Totalgaz thereby fast-tracking loading and delivery confirmation and subsequent payment to Fuelogic.

The Xcallibre solution is immediately beneficial to both parties as this serves as confirmation of a successful or failed delivery as well as a check that quantities, loading and order details where correct.

A further advantage is that there is no longer a need to wait for drivers to return to the office and then scan, process and send forms to the client in order for payments to be made.

Lost or damaged forms are now also a thing of the past.