ICC – Durban

Background Information

The ICC Durban, Africa’s leading conference centre uses a guest comment card to assess and further enhance their services. After an event, guests are asked to rate their experience by using the feedback card. This information is crucial to the ICC as it helps them to better understand their guests and cater to their needs. The ICC hosts several events in one day and caters to every business and government sector available.


Their main issue was the time taken to fill out, capture and process the info on the Guest Comment Card. Once a card is completed, it is collected by the duty manager, then all the forms are taken to the admin department for capturing. Once all the forms are captured, then this information is analysed and categorised, manually.


Xcallibre took the existing A5 guest comment card that the ICC uses and enabled it with the Anoto dot pattern. The form was re-designed by our developers to enhance the data capturing process and ensure that information was delivered consistently and more accurately. The ICC is using a PC router for the transmission of the data. After all the forms are completed by their staff or their guests, they dock the pens into the cradle and within seconds, all the forms are e-mailed to a specific address and a spreadsheet is generated with all the guests details and comments.

“This solution works for us by providing us with valuable information, instantly” says Jeremey Hurter, Financial Director of the ICC Durban.

A new version of the ICC’s guest comment card will be released soon to further enhance their services.


  • Quick turnaround time in data collection
  • Simple solution
  • Very user-friendly
  • Encourages guests to give feedback using the “cool” digital pen .