The Department of Transport is currently experiencing a backlog of capturing Accident Report forms. The 2 data capturers for the entire Pietermaritzburg region are using a complicated system to capture information, resulting in a delay in capturing all the data.

The DoT has bought scanners to help reduce time in sending off forms that are not captured in time for court dates, yet this has proved ineffective. Xcallibre has the perfect solution and has tailored it to meet the DoT’s needs. The company studied the process of how data is being captured, identified the key problem areas with capturing the data and found a solution to improving the process.

The DoT will be running a one month pilot test shortly with two of the busiest stations with a high volume of Accident Report forms. Using the Xcallibre solution, the data can now be captured electronically in real-time. The data capturer now becomes a data editor with 85% of their work already completed for them and can benefit with a lower error rate in capturing the form information manually. All the data is on the system timeously and readily available to be viewed by authorised people at any time.