Nestle/ Onqdata

Case Study

Digital Pen and paper technology is a vital new tool, bringing unparallel gains in clinical trials to pharmaceutical / device and biotechnology companies. The ongoing challenge in drug development and clinical trials is to capture and document data quickly and accurately. The goal is to complete the process of viewing, cleaning, analysing and coding the data as fast as possible, ultimately with the goal of bringing a fully-tested new drug to market quickly.

Before any new product is marketed, the company is required to conduct vigorous testing on their new drug / device / product to see if it is safe and if it works. The data gathered from these trials need to be analysed and reported on/submit to regulatory bodies ie: FDA, MCC, MRA etc for approval.

With clinical studies often taking anything from several weeks to years to complete, vast amounts of data need to be collected. Traditionally, this data had to be entered manually into IT systems for further processing and analysis. Digital Pen and Paper technology from Xcallibre has been shown to significantly speed up the capture of trial data, and help accelerate this process.
Digital Pen and Paper automatically converts handwritten notes in clinical trial forms into keystrokes, avoiding the time-consuming manual data entry altogether.

This in turn means that Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) can realise time and cost savings, as well as avoiding manual data entry errors. Data entry error rates are close to zero.

Laurie Ben Yair a director of OnQ Data an Xcallibre Agent and solution provider to Nestle said “We searched for a long time to find the technology that would give us the competitive edge over already existing industry data capturing solutions. The simplicity of the Xcallibre digital pen system had huge appeal to us as it allows our doctors to feel comfortable using the age-old method of data capturing ie: pen, and at the same time our clients are happy because they receive ‘real-time’ data instantaneously. “

“Nestle requested a proposal, but they stipulated that they needed access to the data immediately, so they can react immediately if there are any unforeseen adverse effects.

This was an excellent opportunity for us to motivate the digital pen technology that we so believe in. Any other online applications that allow you immediate access to the patients data is either

  1. very costly
  2. needs intense training for the doctors to use.
  3. has high support costs

Xcallibre digital pen solution provided all this and many more features including uploading photographs of patients, GPS copordinates of trials complete as well as advanced handwriting recognition.

Xcallibres Digital Pen solution also integrates seamlessly with OnQ Data’s in-house FDA validated Clinical Trials Data Management system.”