Nokia Siemens Networks, South Africa
Mobile Commmunications

Background info

Nokia Siemens Networks had a single form that had to go through approximately 8 different departments for the delivery and repair of hardware. It was proving difficult to track the forms as well as to ascertain as to which step in the process the forms were in.


Inconsistent timeframes results in the company not meeting agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) with their clients.


Xcallibre Digital pen and paper solution were integrated with the Nokia Siemens Networks tracking form. Through a simple sms or e-mail alert, Nokia Siemens Networks were able to immediately identify what stage of the process the form was in. As each user fills out the form, the pen creates a time and date stamp which can confirm the duration at each department


– Ensure consistent delivery of the forms at the different stages
– Duration at each department confirmed
– Increased service delivery
– SLA’s adhered to