Xcallibre Interactive Whiteboard

Tstudy Interactive Whiteboard utilizes Anoto’s digital pen and paper technology, enabling fine drawing and writing.

Whiteboard Sheet

Light and durable plastic sheet has dot-pattern printed on it for accurate positioning of the digital pen.


Digital Pen

Digital pen reads dots on the plastic sheet and sends its position to the computer via Bluetooth

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Unique Features

• Easy to use • Affordibility • Consistent accuracy • Program Compatibility • Equipment Compatibility


Unroll & Attach

Simply unroll the whiteboard and attach it on a vertical wall


Install PenSYNC

Install PenSYNC software that is provided with IWB package. PenSYNC allows the user to use the pen in mouse mode


Plug-in Bluetooth Dongle

Connect a Bluetooth dongle to your computer and install the driver



Calibrate your IWB before each use with PenSYNC. Manual calibration ensures consistent performance of the digital pen and IWB


Pair Digital Pen

Pair your digital pen with your computer



Use the digital pen as a mouse or to write texts and draw sketches on the screen



Xcallibre IWB is printed with Anoto’s barely visible dot-pattern. The built-in camera in the digital pen detects pen strokes and records handwriting that are stored and sent digitally

Most Accurate

50 to 100 images per second Xcallibre IWB is the most accurate digital whiteboard of its kind available on market. The camera built into the pen automatically takes digital snapshots of the dot-pattern on the paper at a rate of between 50 and 100 images per second as you write, determining the exact position of the digital pen and what it writes or draws


Thanks to dot-pattern, Xcallibre IWB does not use a separate receiver, infrared sensors and/or cameras projecting from distance. It means there is no distortion in coordinates at the edge and ensures its consistency throughout the whiteboard

No Interference

Xcallibre IWB captures, stores and securely send the handwriting to a PC via Bluetooth in-real time without any interference

Maintenance Software Updates

TStudy regularly releases fixes, updates, patches of all of its programs free over the Internet

Software Upgrades

Significant upgrades of programs are also regularly made in response to important feedbacks from customers and users. Upgrades may or may not be provided for free

Equipment Maintenance

Hardware maintenance is similar to most all rechargeable consumer electronic devices

Technical Support

Technical support is provided remotely during the Republic of Korea office hours. Internet connection is required Distributors and large quantity purchasers of more than 200 classrooms can receive one on-site support during installation
Equipment Warranty

All hardware has a full warranty during the first year of purchase. Faulty equipment is replaced at the full discretion of TStudy


Name: DNP Dot Screen

Material: PET

Size: Basic: 1,600mm X 1,050mm Customized: up to 4,800m X 1,500mm

Adhesion: Can be attached to wall with any type of adhesion

Digital Pen

Model Name: DP-301

Size: 159.5 X 20.5 X 18.5 mm, Weight: 31g (40g with battery), Data Transmission: Bluetooth 2.0HID, Battery: AAA 1.5V Alkaline, Waiting Time: Min 150 hours (cap off), Use Time: Min 5 hours

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