RTT – Delivery for Investec

Background Information

RTT are an express delivery company, owned by the Fuel Logistics Group (Pty) LTD – a nominee as one of South Africa’s Top 300 empowerment companies who undertake Investec’s credit card deliveries.


Confirm proof of delivery of express consignments to Investec client base. This information was captured only when the delivery vehicle returned from its rounds.


Xcallibre created a Proof of Delivery Digital Form for the RTT drivers who would simply complete the form with a digital pen. When he was done, he simply ticked send on the form and within seconds the form was sent back RTT back office bearing the clients signature. RTT receives a high resolution image of the form with the relevant information in xml for verification. Staff at RTT immediately verify the data and then accept the xml into their system whilst automatically updating the banks system. In this solution, the digital pen’s barcode reading ability is used to match the data on the system to the form submitted confirming that proof of delivery was made to the correct recipient. Xcallibre has also created a form viewer to allow the senior staff and managers to view the forms already submitted. The senior managers can simply log on with a username and password and have full viewing access to all forms submitted. This ensures greater accessibility and mobility of this solution.


This instant data and barcode reading abilities of this solution differentiates RTT from its competitors whilst offering the additional security.