Smartcity Conference And Exhibition in Durban 2008

Xcallibre wowed local and international delegates with its innovative, cutting-edge solutions at the SmartCity conference and exhibition held at the ICC 1-2 October 2008. Xcallibre placed second in the Best Newcomer of the Year category. This achievement was as a result of Xcallibre’s dedicated and committed team in providing service excellence.

Xcallibre, along with Dataworld and Cityworks were the centre of attraction due to its impressive stand and was always abuzz with activity. Everyone wanted to see the digital pen and paper in action. People of all ages were fascinated by the speed at which the data being transferred before their very eyes.

SmartXchange has done the ICT sector proud by creating a platform for industry people to network, exchange ideas and forge new business relationships. The technology sparked a lot of discussion on the endless possibilities of the Xcallibre solution. Xcallibre’s primary objective at the fair was to create awareness, as well business relationships with other companies in the industry. This was accomplished and Xcallibre looks forward to next year’s SmartCity’s Conference.

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