Unitrans/ Totalgaz


Unitrans has dramatically improved its service delivery and reporting systems by using Xcallibres Digital Pen and Paper technology. Having seen the trend by market leading logistics companies in Europe and Africa who have been making use of digital pen technology to process the vast quantities of paperwork that plaque the industry, Unitrans has partnered with Xcallibre to implement its first digital pen solution.

The digital pen and paper technology has been implemented with one of Unitrans key customers Fuelogic for the loading (product upliftment) and proof of delivery forms (POD). The technology has immediately shown benefit to Unitrans in fast tracking payments from Totalgaz due to real-time delivery confirmation. Totalgaz has also expressed the merits of the technology due to its ability to now monitor the loading and delivery details and thereby cut down on fuel losses, transport costs and driver feedback.

As phase two of the project Unitrans will be enhancing its solution to make use of the photo attach, barcode and GPS functionality that the Xcallibre solution offers, while phase three will involve the rollout of the technology across other key accounts.