Our Background

Xcallibre is an international technology company that provides data capturing solutions using our innovative digital pen and other cutting edge products and services. The company was launched in 2007 after an extensive research and development program and quest to develop and implement: innovative, revolutionary and cost-effective IT mobile solutions for its clients.
Our business strategy is to provide high-quality, cost-competitive services to our clients by attaining an optimal mix which enables them to rapidly respond to evolving market trends.


We strive to remain competitive, while enhancing market penetration.

Xcallibre, with its personalised approach, continues to meet and exceed client expectations everyday. Our vision is to harness the power of Digital Pen Technology into developing solutions for multi-dimensional clientele and to strategically align people, technology and processes with each other in order to achieve the best results.

Simply put, Xcallibre is the world’s FASTEST, most ADVANCED forms-processing SOLUTION, using highly EVOLVED TABLET and DIGITAL PEN SOLUTIONS.

Our Team

Xcallibre are the leaders in Digital Pen and Mobility solutions in Africa and we can offer you a wide range mobile products and services on multiple technology platforms. We aim to make business processes simpler and we can integrate  proprietary technologies to help our clients improve productivity, workflow and save money.

The team consists of highly-skilled people and a network of strategic partners, all specialists in their respective fields. Our specialists and partners are dedicated to delivering the best end-to-end business solutions to our clients, with our unique solution technologies. Let our team show you how our technology can radically increase efficiency to your mobile workforce, without interrupting the way you work and all this can be done without any major upfront financial investment.


We are here to help organisations ensure their skilled and valuable human resources are being deployed in the most effective way. By implementing the easy to use Xacllibre solution, your workforce will increase their efficiency and productivity.

Our wide range of mobile communication technologies, integrates the rapid collection and efficient management of data from the field with effective job allocation, resource management and asset tracking.
Our team will ensure we understand the individual and wide-ranging needs of our clients, and integrate our technology to deliver high-quality, mobile solutions which are closely tailored to your needs.

At Xcallibre we are proud of the following:

  • Our company is BEE Level 1 certified.
  • We are an Neo Smartpen Partner/Reseller and a Certified solution provider since 2006
  • The only Platinum partner in Africa since 2011 and the only South African based partner.
  • Our team has sold over 16 000 active digital pens since 2008.
  • We have an in-house Developed enterprise platform (X-Station) and are proudly the only company in Africa to have developed its own digital pen platform.
  • Sole supplier in Africa and India of the Neo Smartpen
  • Our teams are based in offices in South Africa: Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and India: Chennai.
  • We have various large scale digital pen deployments, with over 500 pens each, in public and private sectors as well as one deployment in excess of 4000 pens.