About The X-Station

X-Station is a smart, simple and secure platform that will transform the way your business captures, manages and integrates your field based data. The platform is a customizable system that allows users to digitally enable forms and uses input devices such as mobile phones, Digital Pens and tablets to process these forms as images and converted data, which can then be exported or integrated into existing systems.

The digital forms and mobility solution allows users to submit forms to a back-office system in less than 10 seconds.

How It Works

Design your own forms

Designing your own forms using software that sits in the cloud might sound a bit daunting. But if you can use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, you can use X-Station just as easily. It’s quick, simple and intuitive. You’ll find all the familiar and recognizable tools you’d expect. Just drag and drop logos, commonly used fields, tick boxes and even pdf’s of existing forms onto a blank grid.  Once your design’s finished, X-Station will automatically check and validate it for you – as well as adding the Neo Ncode™ that turns ordinary paper into digital paper.

Choose what devices you use

You may still want to use digital pens to create a hard copy and avoid issues with unreadable signatures, battery life and network coverage. Or you may prefer tablets or smartphones, to suit your environment and application – especially if you need to make changes on the go. You might even opt for a combination of different devices. Whatever you decide is right for your organization (and we’ll be happy to advise), X-Station gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose.

  • Create your own business work- flow, design and publish forms
  • Write on printed forms with a digital pen or populate forms on a tablet
  • Captured data sent via a mobile device back to HQ
  • Review and manage your captured data in real-time
  • Integrate data into your business systems
  • Simple ‘drag and drop’ digital form design – font size and type, colour, fill, shapes etc
  • Quick, simple, intuitive step-by-step process
  • Pre-defined fields available like customer name, address, contact numbers, notes, signature, sketch box and attach photo
  • Tick boxes to reduce writing and the chances of mistakes
  • Or radio buttons and drop down menus for electronic forms
  • Import and edit pdfs of existing forms
  • Automatic validation to point out any mistakes
  • Fully branded forms to your own specification Print on a desktop printer, send to a print shop or publish as an electronic form
  • Everything under your control
  • Password-protected login to secure website
  • Create permissions and privileges for individuals and user groups
  • Design your own workflows
  • Choose to receive pdf images, data files or both
  • Choose delivery via email, ftp site or direct to your back-end system
  • See a graphical dashboard of all your most recent forms received, processed and sent
  • Users write with digital pens, make sketches and attach images in the field
  • Or capture data on tablets or smartphones
  • Instant validation in the field of critical information (eg customer or patient number)
  • Rapid data transmission in minutes not days
  • Or dock the digital pen when back in the office
  • Review incoming forms to check and validate
  • Compare the pen strokes actually written with the converted text
  • Use the play facility to see how the form was filled out in real time
  • Integrate completed forms, photographs and sketches into your business systems
  • Access to any and all of your forms, whenever you want