Pens & Accessories

Xcallibre supports digital pen devices based on Anoto technology from the leading manufacturers which includes Logitech, Nokia and Maxell.

Digital Pen Models Supported:

  • Logitech io
  • Logitech io2
  • Logitech io2 Bluetooth
  • Nokia SU-1B (Bluetooth)
  • Maxell DP-201 (USB & Bluetooth)



io desktop pen cradle

io desktop pen cradle allows you to synchronise your pen in any location. It has a sturdy, rugged, upright design, and comes with a power adapter for wall charging.


io travel pen cradle

The neat, compact design of the USB powered io travel cradle is ideal if you’re on the move, and need a portable way to upload your documents to a laptop or PC.


travel cradle

dig pen


io wall charger

The io wall charger enables you to recharge your pen through your USB cradle connection. It’s internationally compatible, with wall socket adaptors for the USA, Europe, and UK.



digital pen car charger

With this digital pen car charger, you can quickly and conveniently recharge your pen while you’re in the car. Portable and lightweight, it fits any 12V DC car outlet and is compatible with io digital pen USB cradles.




car charger