Implementing the best solutions for customers wanting to use digital pen technology in their organisations.

  • Free X-Form applications available on Apple & Android stores
  • Secure login to authenticate device & download forms
  • Supports form capture via keyboard & unique natural handwriting
  • Supports real-time online or offline capture of forms
  • Supports on device field validation
  • Supports on device field lookups, calculations and next-field rules
  • Supports save for later upload
  • Supports attachments (photo, GPS & voice memo)
  • Supports pre-populated form send to device
  • Supports drawing areas & signature capture
  • Supports upload of forms and attachments via GPRS & wireless

Full integration with X-Station Forms Platform for forms setup & design, user/device management, workflow configuration and form view, edit, reporting and export.

About X-Forms

The X-Forms mobile forms platform is the smart, simple and secure platform that will transform the way your business captures, manages and integrates data from the field.

The latest X-Forms innovation allows you to quickly and easily create enterprise-class mobile forms that can be used on any device, anywhere and reports automatically to your company’s existing database.

Millions of people working in the field are faced with the same challenge – They need to capture real-time data quickly and accurately, and get it back to base fast.

The X-Form solution can do this effortlessly and also comes packed with robust features such as our full offline and online data capture capabilities.

The Benefits of X-Form app

We are here to make things simpler and faster.

These are just some of the benefits of the X-Forms App:

  • The X-Form app send forms directly from tablets in the field to the office instantly
  • Reduces processing costs
  • Increases Efficiency
  • The tablet forms easy to use and simple to create and deploy and are available offline.
  • Solid processes and full support means that your forms go digital quicker.
  • Reduced development time compared to competitors
  • Solid partner relationships with mobile/tablet providers
  • Data transfer is secure and includes text, images, sketches and signatures.
  • Handwriting recognition, interactive logic and the option of pre-filling forms with customer information from your CRM further streamlines the data capture process.

X-Forms key features

Create your own unique business workflow, design and publish forms.

Write on printed forms with a digital pen or populate forms on a tablet

Captured data sent via a mobile device back to HQ

Review and manage your captured data in real-time

Integrate data into your business systems

Design your own forms

Our X-Form solution is quick and easy and although creating your own forms using software that sits in the cloud might sound a bit daunting, it’s pretty simple. In fact, if you can use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, you can use X-Form easily. You’ll find all the familiar and recognisable tools you’d expect.

From any web browser on any computer upload your paper form in PDF format to our X-Form wizard to enruch it with input fields. Decide field by field on handwriting or keyboard entry, set up mandatory fields and enable media attachments, GPS location grab and much more.

It’s quick, simple and intuitive. Once your design’s finished, X-Form will automatically check and validate it for you. It’s that simple!

How to complete and send your forms

  • Write, sketch, and sign on the tablet version of the form as you would on paper copy.
  • You can also add photos, voice recordings, GPS coordinates and submit the form.
  • Simple ‘drag and drop’ digital form design – font size and type, colour, fill, shapes etc
  • Tick boxes to reduce writing and the chances of mistakes
  • Fully branded forms to your own company identity
  • Print on a desktop printer, send to a print shop or publish as an electronic form
  • No signal – no problem – X-form stores them until signal comes back.

Receive the form in seconds

The recipient(s) you setup initially can receive the professional looking PDF populated with the data and all attachments by email.

All forms submitted can also be viewed in the “inbox” along with attachments and a map of where they were sent from, time and date stamped.

You can manage the entire process easily:

  • Safe password-protected login
  • Create permissions and privileges for individuals and user groups
  • Design your own workflows
  • Choose to receive pdf images, data files or both
  • Choose your delivery via email, ftp site or direct to your back-end system
  • Ability to see a graphic dashboard of all your most recent forms received, processed and sent

Capture the Data

  • Users write with digital pens, make sketches and attach images in the field
  • You can capture data on tablets or smartphones too
  • Get immediate validation in the field of critical information (eg customer name)
  • Rapid data transmission in minutes not days

More reasons to choose X-Form

  • X-Forms is the secure method for mobile inspections and data capture, and reports automatically to your company’s existing database.
  • X-Forms also comes packed with robust features such as our full offline and online data capture capabilities.
  • Enrich your data by attaching images form the tablet itself or from external devices. When you build your forms you can add “photo” fields at appropriate points so that users can attach images and submit them with the form. The images are processed and output as part of the form data.
  • Simply capture customer signatures using stylus or finger.
  • Signature fields areas are easy to add to your forms. When tapped on the tablet, a large writing area appears making it easy to capture the signature. Signatures are automatically date and time stamped.
  • Automatic numeric calculations between fields or across multiple pages of a form. Electronic signature capture. Capture handwritten signatures in real-time.

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