Digital communication with pen and paper – PositionIT

The paperless work environment has been a much vaunted ideal that has been in vogue for some time now. However, businesses still rely heavily on paper and pen in their work processes.

Most businesses are wary to make the shift, both mentally and physically, due to legal and cost considerations, delaying the implementation of this utopian ideal. However handling data captured on forms results in costly delays, often resulting in inefficiencies and poor resource mining. A new way of integrating the physical data into the electronic infrastructure of businesses is set to revolutionise the way data is captured, stored, shared, evaluated and retrieved.

The Durban-based ICT company, Data World, has introduced the Digital Pen and Paper (DP&P) using Anoto Functionality in a diverse range of market sectors in Africa. The technology brings together digital communication and handwriting, putting the power of digital communication into pen and paper.

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